24 July 2009

Vote For Dick!


Our good friend and fellow Rogue Dick Field is, in addition to being a true Rogue Project Leader, an actor. He recently sent me a note informing me about his latest adventure, which I share with you now. I hope you'll click on the link and vote for him to get a walk-on part on Mad Men!

I entered this joint promotional deal between Banana Republic and the the trendy, retro TV series, "Mad Men". (If you have to ask, you must not be trendy and retro. Oh . . . all right -- it's a series about Madison Avenue advertising men in the late 50s and 60s.) Anyway, the store and the TV series are running a casting call for a walk-on part on the series. You can find my entry at: http://madmencastingcall.amctv.com/photos/view/181. -- AND, true to the current preference for popularity over talent (which is decidedly NOT a 50s-60s thing), part of the casting competition is based on votes! So, here's your chance to vote for ME (it's all about ME) by clicking on any of the stars at the bottom of my headshot. --AND you can vote once EACH DAY! So . . . VOTE and VOTE OFTEN. Here's my big chance to see if they love me, they really love me!

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Dick Field said...

Thanks, Dan!

Rock on!