13 July 2009

FIST Thesis

My thesis, The Effect of Values on System Development Project Outcomes, is now available online, via the DTIC website.

It examines a couple dozen historical military system development projects, both successes and failures, and looks at the role the FIST values (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny) played in the operational effectiveness and program outcomes.

Check out page 2 and see if you can find the slight addition I made to the traditional disclaimer.


Mark said...

Best. Disclaimer. Ever.

I look forward to reading the rest of it, too. :)

Ben Voetberg said...

Wow, 231 pages! Does this thesis match the FIST concept!?!?

Kidding aside I plan to find some time to read it and look forward to reading it.

The Dan Ward said...

@Mark - thanks!

@Ben - shhhh! If everyone finds out how stinkin' long it is, nobody will download it! Of course, the last 100 pages or so is the appendix, and non-academics can skip the "method" section for the most part, so it's probably only 50 pages of real stuff... :)