23 July 2009

RPL on Flickr

Hey everyone, I just created a little RPL group over on Flickr. Here's what I want you to do:

Wrap up your knuckles in tape, write FIST on the tape, take a picture of it, then add it to the RogueProjectLeader group on Flickr (I used masking tape for the picture on this site, btw).

Bonus points if you also submit a photo of yourself wearing a fake mustache. Double bonus points if you're wearing a fake mustache and you're female. Drop a comment here when you've done it. Have fun!


Mark said...

Do digital mustaches count? If so, I get bonus points!!!

The Dan Ward said...

Totally! In fact, you get Digital Bonus Points!

(and I'll throw in a few extra style points for using a reverse color scheme motif of black tape with white letters...)