14 July 2009

Hal Macomber over at the Reforming Project Management blog has some great stuff to say about projects, process and getting stuff done.

I particularly liked this line from a post titled Time to Re-Th!nk Improvement: Don't improve on something that we shouldn't be doing in the first place.

This is a topic that’s come up in the comments section of several recent blog posts here. And indeed, the persistent focus on “process improvement” in so many organizations these days seems to presuppose we’ve established good, meaningful objectives. Similarly, my own rants AGAINST process-centric thinking often make the same presupposition, that we have a decent idea of what we really want/need.

It’s probably time for this blog to take a closer look at the kinds of goals we should be setting, the kinds of projects we should be pursuing, the kinds of requirements we should be writing, etc. In other words, to take a look at ends and not just means.

More soon…

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