02 July 2009

Gabe's Rant on Terms

Here is the "solution" to the puzzle I posted regarding the term:

I attempted to give the answer in the comments of the post, but it was so lengthy that I decided to make it into a post. Unfortunately the description of the above term isn't an easy one, which is the point I was making. In fact, my explanation may be wrong, but again that's the point. The terms and syntax used in the systems engineering course I took are so hard to understand, who really knows what's going on.

There are three types of overarching processes in the systems engineering construct as taught by the DoD. One of these is the Technical Planning Process. The Technical Planning Process is broken into two other processes: Technical Management Process and the Technical Process. The crazy thing about this scheme for describing "systems engineering" concepts is that it uses verbs as proper nouns. This term is qualifying that you are performing the technical management function of the technical planning process.

No, I am not kidding!

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