10 July 2009

It's Not A Machine

One of the common problems we often encounter as "rogue" leaders in today's project management environment is the use of engineering and scientific principles to govern the mechanics of human interaction.

This is specifically seen in the unique way certain entities like the government spin concepts like Systems Engineering, Continuous Process Improvement, etc. The framework of these concepts read like a big computer program with line after line of instruction sets attempting to define every possible action an actor need take with no regard for the actor themselves. "These frameworks are portable and scalable", the propaganda reads, "you can use them at any level for anything." Yet, just like a computer, the actors are reduced to cogs with no self intelligence what so ever. How does this really work when the cogs are human beings who do more than simply follow instructions?

I think these concepts are myths of management. This really excellent article by Christopher Paperone, from Defense AT&L magazine, pokes holes in some of the these myths.

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