08 June 2009

Rogue Maturity Model

Carnegie Melon’s Software Engineering Institute developed something called the Capability Maturity Model Initiative (CMMI), which is “a process improvement approach that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes.” It basically involves assessing an organization on a scale of 1 to 5, blah blah blah. If you want to learn more about CMMI, go to the SEI website.

We here at Rogue University have come up with our very own assessment tool – the Rogue Maturity Model. It’s still a work in progress (and probably always will be), and we’re going to crowd-source it. That means you can contribute to the development of the RMM.

The Rogue Maturity Model assessment tool is a spreadsheet, available via Google Docs. Feel free to click on over, open it up and add your own recommendations.

Please let us know in the comments section when you add something.


Pete said...

"A federation of skunkworks joined by insanity; Tiny and networked in 3D"

Tiny and networked in 3D??

dcwork said...

I added a line on "motivational model" to the Google Docs version.

I wasn't sure how to write the middle entry for the line because I think about this sliced a different way.

I think the most mature organization would not be completely rogue. When I think of the pure Rogue model, I think of Interval Research. Did lots of cool and interesting stuff, but eventually was shut down by Paul Allen because it didn't go anywhere. I think the most mature organization is always (re)balancing between Rogue (as in the model) and other forms, and I think that happens fractally - in people, in projects, at different organizational levels. I'm not sure I want the CFO of my organization going Rogue, at any level. I do probably want him at least "Improved" though.

I would recommend that the model be refactored, as they say in agile programming. Maybe we can hash it out over coffee some time when we're both in DC or Fairborn.

For some reason I'm fond of 5 levels, rather than three. I'm not sure if SEI ruined me, or there's something natural about the number.

Don C