18 June 2009

Not Simple

In an attempt to interleave additional material into the blog, I'm beginning a series of posts that deal with Gabe's Take on the Defense Acquisition Guidebook. I recently finished a course on DoD systems engineering which draws heavily from the guidebook and I wanted to share the enlightening experience.

Have you ever planned to plan? If so, then this chart's for you:

Yes, this is a real chart, and there are literally hundreds more like it. Don't tell me this is hard to follow. This is as simple as it gets. It shows you right there in the figure how to verify something. How can it be any more explicit?

Like all institutionalized cogs, instructions are essential. Intuition and intelligence need not apply.


Mark said...

I'm stuck at what to do after "Analyze Verification Results". There is no arrow pointing to a next step!!!! How do I get to the step for "Capture the Verification Work Products"? Is that the next step, or what? I'm so lost!!!!

I think we should call a meeting to discuss the requirements for a planning committee which could recommend a strategic approach to studying revisions to this chart.

Gabe said...

Awesome! We should indeed do that....whatever it is you said we should do. I'll motion for it. ANybody with a second?

David said...

I had successfully captured the verification work products, but nobody warned me they were slick, and I lost my grip. Has anyone seen them running around?

Pseudo-seriously, these charts usually tell me that someone wants a *process* to follow rather than having to think. Back to the thoughts on "do it right" rather than "get it right" this allows a claim of "did it right" with no real outcome necessary.

Gabe said...

@David - Exactly. More to come.