02 June 2009

An Observation

It’s kind of funny that I’m doing this blog.

I’ve been writing four-page articles for several years now, and have sort of been itching to write something longer. Something book-length, with a bit more substance and nuance and completeness than a short article can contain. But instead, I find myself moving in the opposite direction – short blog posts.

And yet, a blog is more than a series of short, isolated posts. A blog is actually a continuing stream, and could end up being longer than a book, not shorter. With the opportunity to have discussions in the comments section – this may indeed be more substantive than a book. It has the potential to be richer, the ideas more fully explored and more dynamically developed. A book is a broadcast monologue – a blog is a conversation.

So, we’ll see how it turns out. I really appreciate all the comments & discussions we’ve had so far. I look forward to seeing how things develop.

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Gabe said...

That's exactly what Seth Godin's book Small is the New Big is. It's just a collection of his blog posts from 2006 up until he published it. It's rather long but some how really short. He opens the book with a warning that people shouldn't try to read it like a regular book because it might make them go crazy seeing as how it's not a traditional format. But I actually really like it.