21 May 2009

When Good Enough is Good Enough

Fast - implies "This is good enough!"

This idea seems to be lost on the test community (and I'm just saying..). DoD set up independent test agency's to "validate and verify" that a widget works as required. The idea was to prevent the widget makers from fielding widgets that didn't, in fact, work.

Unfortunately, these agencies (or parts thereof) are imbued with an inability to handle ambiguity. Answers aren't given until all ambiguities are ringed out....you don't want to give the widget maker the wrong answers do ya? This is NOT fast. Ironically, once answers are finally given they usually come with a statement, "more testing should be done to exercise the widget." Will enough ever be enough?

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The Dan Ward said...

So true, Gabe! A perfectionistic streak will eat our lunch...