26 May 2009

Things A Briefer Should Never Say

“I know you can’t read this…” [why use it if you know we can't read it?]

“How am I doing on time?” [don't be the only person in the room who isn't keeping track of your time]

“This chart says…” (and then proceed to read the chart) [um, we're all literate]

“As I already explained…” [yeah, we got it the first time]


LookingUp said...

Another thing a briefer should never say:

"Oh, looks like there's more on this slide." (Said after briefer pushes a button and expects to go to the next slide. Either the briefer was seeing the presentation for the first time, or the briefer put too many hidden surprises into the presentation.)

Dick Field said...

Adding to the litany of witless interjections in the PowerPoint pool --

"I'm going to skip over this one (or) these next few." --er, because they're not important? -- because you didn't do the relevance check ahead of the briefing? --because you don't understand the content yourself?

. . . or its close and even more onerous relative:

"Well, we're running out of time, so I'll let you look at these in your handout later." --Hmm, could we have done that with all of them? Hmm, maybe you didn't really add value to the others either?

The Dan Ward said...


@LookingUp: I'm always amazed to see someone be surprised by their own charts.

@Dick - Bravo! Why include charts you don't intend to brief and/or charts you can skip. If the chart can be left out, then leave it out in the first place, right?

jbl4152 said...

How about the animations 'dazzle play'? Embedding cute little animation effects which detract from the message intent. The Presenter thinks it is some sort of 'WOW' factor, but in reality ... it's non-value added 'noise' in communication.