28 May 2009


I created a little presentation titled Restraint and posted it at Slideshare. It explores the relationship between constraints and creativity, as well as the impact of restraint on operational effectiveness.

Download the file to see the talking points, which are in the Notes view. I'd love to hear what you think, and as always, please feel free to pass it along.


LookingUp said...

I think the power in this presentation really lies in the presenter. The presenter needs to be animated and engaged with the audience.

While visual and audio are both important in a presentation, the audio is where the real message lies. The visual emphasizes the audio.

Very creative PPT, by the way! I would love to see you present it!


The Dan Ward said...

Ah, good point - it's kind of like I'm sharing my sheet music, isn't it? I've been thinking it would be cool to make a few short videos of me doing some of these presentations (Restraint, Charts are Cheap).

Watch this space for further developments...

Gabe said...

You add narration to slideshare. It doesn't work the best right now, but I'm sure slideshare will make it better as more people use it. What would they call this type of narrated presentation if inserted in a blog? An sblog? A slidecast? A slideblog?

Craig Brown said...

Hey Dan

How doid it go down when you deliverred it? The notes really tap into the emotive triggers.

The Dan Ward said...

@Craig - Greetings to our friends down under! This brief definitely gets a reaction... I haven't had many opportunities to present it yet (it's new), but I'm in the process of lining up several. I'll keep ya posted.