26 May 2009

Logo comments?

We're still playing around with the layout, format & overall look of the new RPL blog.

I thought I'd see how the old RPL logo would look on this blog.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Volunteers to create an RPL blog skin?


Dick Field said...

The Rubic's logo is simple and literal. There's that hot little sun making his break from the cube! It's fine - and probably more easily reproduced. . . . But, just look at the cover of the RPL first year book. Yes, a pirate. A bit cartoony perhaps . . . but evocative of a real swashbuckling ROGUE - not just the nonconformist. I guess I'm just an old school romantic, but I like the image of a pirate, laughing with wild and heretical abandon over the bounding main of conformity and mediocrity. There, see what your artist friend can do with that! :>)

Craig Brown said...

vote 2 for pirates