07 April 2011

POGO Interview

The Program On Government Oversight (POGO) blog posted a sweet interview with yours truly. Bryan Rahija and crew came up with some great questions and I'm really psyched with how it all came together. POGO's Watchdog Fu is the stuff of legend and I'm honored they asked me to share some ideas.

I'll spare you the longish story of the effort involved with getting this thing approved - let me just say I'm glad to see it all paid off.

So - stop on by the POGO blog (they've always got interesting stuff) and maybe even click the Share button to pass the link along to your various internets and friends.


Glen B. Alleman said...


I used your "myths" at the NDIA ISS II conference this Tuesday.
The SEI is writing a version 2 of their "using agile in the DoD." I forwarded this (POGO) link to the lead their.

There is a move afoot to try and integrated agile software development into DoD IT procurement through the NDAA Section 804.

Any interesting in participating in the fall meeting around F.I.S.T.?

The Dan Ward said...

Cool - thanks, Glen! I'd be very interested in the fall meeting. Send me the details...