13 April 2011

FIST Handbook Update

I've updated and expanded the FIST Handbook - check it out!

Now, along with links to a bunch of FIST-related articles, there's also a section for media & interviews, data and tools. It's a much more complete reference point than before and I hope it'll be useful to you as you move out on applying FIST in your own projects.

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Glen B. Alleman said...

OK, now how do we get this into the NDAA for IT acquisition?

The Dan Ward said...

Frankly, I'm more interested in getting it into people's heads than into policies & authorization acts. Not that it wouldn't be helpful if the NDAA gave a shout-out to FIST, but I'm not holding my breath.

The nice thing about the FIST approach is that people can apply it to their programs regardless of the regulatory environment, and of course there's nothing in the NDAA that says "don't be fast, don't be inexpensive, etc..."