27 January 2010

Weird Wednesday

Welcome to another edition of Weird Wednesday. Today's topic: things that will unexpectedly kill you.

Everyone knows it's important to eat right, get enough exercise, and not smoke. Nonetheless, I thought it was kinda weird to hear that watching tv increases your risk of death. Of course, when we talk about "the risk of death," um, I think we're all 100% guaranteed to die someday. I think the finding is that if you watch a lot of tv, you're likely to die sooner. The point is, when we're talking about risks and percentages, it's important to be precise.

The other factor that was recently associated with early death is of particular interest to me. Apparently, people whose name begins with A outlive those of us whose name begins with D. It supposedly has something to do with a subconscious link to report cards (A = good, D = bad) and self-esteem.

At the risk of making an explicit connection to project leadership in what is supposed to be a somewhat random and weird blog post, let me just offer two words for your consideration as you make decisions about your project: unexpected consequences.

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