03 January 2010

Weird Wednesday: Richard Wetherill

Richard W. Wetherill - Alpha Publishing House
What's wrong with the world? According to the late Richard Wetherill, there's just too much wrongness. What we need instead is more adherence to Nature's Law of Absolute Right.

I discovered Mr. Wetherill's work in an advertisement in Popular Science. Its invitation to visit "our colorful website" is what hooked me, because doggone it I'm just tired of all those non-colorful websites out there.

What I found was a generous offering of free eBooks & essays, arguing that "no person can long withstand the continued onslaught of carefully presented truth. It will finally compel recognition of error." As much as I like being slaughted on and compelled, I regret that I can't quite endorse his stuff.

No doubt there's some kernel of truth in Mr. W's writings. But there's also a rationalistic, modernist, pseudo-religious & pseudo-scientific streak that ends up sounding downright cultish in its insistence that here is the revealed truth, here is the undeniable law expressed, the solution to all that is wrong in human affairs.

Not much room for doubt. Not much room for mystery. And a striking absence of humor. I'm not saying the guy is completely wrong... just that he's a good topic for a Weird Wednesday post.

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