21 January 2010

Simplicity Cycle Update

Quick brag: The Simplicity Cycle has now been downloaded 1,952 times. Get your own free copy at RoguePress. I love that this little project has grown legs like that...

What's particularly cool is that I still find references to it on blogs. Just last month it appeared in a post on the Preventing Project Failure blog, by Michiko (who calls it "Dan Ward's brilliant Simplicity Cycle") and on Michael Krigsman's blog (who calls me Don Ward, then gets mildly criticized by readers for using an ambiguous word like "goodness" - oh well). The important thing is that people are still downloading it, reading it, and talking about it.

I also made it onto the Quotations Page of MyElectronicsProf.com.

UPDATE: I generally do my blogging in advance (on the weekends). So I wrote this posting about a week ago. Then yesterday, a handy-dandy little "Google Alert" let me know that the Simplicity Cycle got mentioned by a blogger named JCardente. It's a very nice, thorough and thoughtful review... stop on by the JCardente blog and check it out.


JCardente said...


Thank you for writing The Simplicity Cycle, it's a great resource that I've shared with many of my co-workers and friends. I'm also glad that you enjoyed my review.

John Cardente

The Dan Ward said...

Hey, thanks John! I've had a lot of fun with this little project, and it's always particularly exciting when I get to meet someone new because of it.

So glad you've found it useful. Thanks for passing it along!

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