08 May 2011


I like love to write. It doesn't matter whether it's fiction or non, serious or funny, books or blogs. I truly enjoy the experience of putting words together in interesting ways... with one exception.

I have a hard time writing about my writing.

Writing the back cover blurb or the description on a webpage leaves me pulling my hair out, surrounded by a pile of crumpled notebook pages. Worse yet is my attempts at writing a query letter, introducing my books to a potential agent or publishing company. Writing 30,000 words on a topic is a piece of cake compared to writing 200 words trying to convince someone that my 30,000 words are worth their time. I guess it's the difference between teaching and selling.

Nevertheless, it's got to be done... and I was wondering if I could get a hand from some of my blog readers.

Here's the deal: I'm trying to rewrite the description of The Simplicity Cycle on my Lulu site and it's kicking my butt. The current description is lame. I was wondering if someone out there might be willing to take a shot at rewriting it.

How would you describe The Simplicity Cycle, in a paragraph or two. Brevity is good. You can leave your ideas in the Comments section or send them via email to The . Dan . Ward (at) gmail (dot) com.



J.G. Hansen said...

Ever wonder why big, expensive, complex projects become big, expensive, complex projects? It's because we forget how valuable it is to do things simply, inexpensively, and quickly. Dan Ward gives us the Simplicity Cycle to remind us that a "good" solution done now is better than a "perfect" solution that is never finished.

The Dan Ward said...

Thanks JG! I appreciate the assist!