31 May 2011

FIST Goes To War

Got word last week that I'm being deployed to Afghanistan for 6 months. Not tomorrow, but soon enough.

I'll be in Kabul. Don't have a lot of other info at this point but I'll be sure to share what I can.

Just wanted you all to know.

(in other news, Germany recently announced they're getting out of the nuclear power business. I guess they're reading RPL over there! Sadly I think the plan is to replace it with coal... but I'm hoping they'll have a go at some more renewables.)


JG Hansen said...

Good luck, and stay safe over there, Dan.

Dan Taylor said...

Be safe. Keep it FISTy. Hope you make time to write. I look forward to reading about the lessons learned and seeing the pictures snapped by the handy cell phone camera. :-)

dad said...

Hi Dan: be safe.... Dad