04 August 2010

Special Bonus Post: Beth & Jenna Explain Comedy

As part of my ongoing effort to be a producer and not just a consumer, here's a little comedy video my kids and I did (with some script assistance from my comedian brother-in-law).

Aside from the fact that this was way fun to do and a nice way to spend time with the kiddo's, there's something really cool about making something and sharing it with the world. It's also a nice stretch to go beyond written text and branch out into video.

And if I do say so myself, the result is pretty darn funny. Enjoy!


Dick Field said...

Oh - I think the video production bug has definitely bit, Dan! Good stuff, there at Orange Frog.

We've done a little of this with my grandsons. Since they're boys, it's mostly adventure-oriented. Example: I played a mummy guarding a treasure in our basement in one of them. Too bad they woke me up from my ancient slumber! BWAA-hahhahhhh!!!! They ran screaming up two flights of stairs, while my son-in-law (former flim student) shot it all as videographer.

When you go professional - let me know if you ever need a voice over track layed down!

The Dan Ward said...

Hey, thanks Dick! Glad you enjoyed it - and I love the mummy adventure idea! Sounds like a lot of fun.

I'll keep you in mind if we need voice talent. ;)