28 August 2010

New FIST Comic

For those who haven't already heard, the latest issue of Defense AT&L is now available - online and in a mailbox near you (also often found in HQ waiting rooms & base libraries... so, yeah, mostly online).

In this, the July/Aug 2010 issue, we've got our third installment of the FIST Superhero Comic, in which our heroes go after a baddie called The Incredible Inevitable.

So here's my question - did you know that already, either via my facebook post, my direct email or your own access to the magazine? Anyone finding out about new AT&L developments for the first time via this blog?

I'm asking 'cause the value of blogs seems to be decreasing in some circles. I've seen a few friends stop blogging altogether. I've personally taken to reading fewer blogs than I used to. And even this one has scaled back to a weekly post instead of daily.

I still like writing it... but with other social media outlets & opportunities, perhaps my time & energy should go elsewhere.


Richard said...

If you decide to stop this blog, please be kind enough to let us know where else you publish...

Your writings often remind me to keep it as simple as possible.

The Dan Ward said...

@Richard - Of course! I'm still thinking about what I plan to do, and if/when anything changes, I'll post it here for sure. :)

Dick Field said...

Dan --

I think we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to social networking. Open to the entire known universe, but just too darn many opportunities to communicate! Build it and they will come - but where? . . . EVERYWHERE!!! As it turns out for popular use - the Information Superhighway has so many lanes, there aren't enough cars (or people) to fill them up!

Yeah, the novelty of blogging may have lost some sheen. Still, I want to follow your stuff wherever it is to be found - so just keep us posted on your postings - and on your mailing list!

philip traum said...

through your blog. more specifically: through another blog to your blog.