06 July 2010


Imagine how awesome you could be if the world didn't insist that you be mediocre.

Seriously, how much of the stuff we spend our time doing is done because someone else thinks it's important? Stuff that, even if it's done well, doesn't really make an impact? Stuff that gets in the way of doing the really high-impact, meaningful, leave-a-dent-in-the-universe stuff we dream of doing? Too much time, I tell you. Too much time.

The thing is, we all spend an awful lot of time doing an awful lot of stuff that doesn't really matter much... and that's awful. Time is precious, life is short and all that...

So, do you want to know a secret? It turns out, the world doesn't really insist on your mediocrity. I bet there's a way to really put your strengths to use, to do the Big Cool Stuff you're supposed to be doing... and a way to dodge the pointless timesucks that get in the way.

Step one is to try. Step two is to not give up. I'm pretty sure there is no step three...


Russ Briggs said...

Hi Dan,

Just wondering if you have contact info for Orange Frog Films?


The Dan Ward said...

Hey Russ - you've contacted Orange Frog Films already... it's me! (and my kids).

We're working on a couple scripts now for two future videos. Probably put them together in early August. I'll be sure to post them here as they're available.