14 May 2010

Stuff I like

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to be when I grow up. Specifically, I'm thinking about what I want to do when I retire from the AF, which will probably be in about 4 years. As someone recently pointed out to me, four years away is "too soon to start worrying about it, but not too soon to start thinking about it."

So I made a little list of things I like to do. The list said I like to write, teach, speak, design and help. I like to do stuff that matters. I like to collaborate with interesting people. I like delivering early, starting new things... and the list goes on.

A few days later I returned to the list and realized I'd left off something significant: I forgot to write that I like leading small groups... even though that's a pretty central, persistent like.

The thing is, between the 18 months I spent in school and the 12 months I've been in DC, I haven't led a small project group for quite a while. I've not only gotten out of practice, I sorta forgot about it.

It's now at the top of the list: leading small teams of talented people... That's the sort of thing I love to do, and it's something I hope to get back to doing again... preferably sooner rather than later.


dad said...

Hi Dan: well, sounds like you get into teaching small college classes or leading & developing small groups of future leaders in either the military or in civilian industry..... and it's not soon at all to be 'thinking' of retiring and/ or leaving the active duty military in 4 hrs or so....good luck.... Dad

LookingUp said...

What about DAU professor? You could really shake things up here!

The Dan Ward said...

That's totally on my list of possibilities...