27 May 2010

Pomplamoose Music

I can't get over this video by Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, aka Pomplamoose. I dig indie music in the first place, and these two film their videos in a smallish apartment. It's a very stripped-down, simple approach, and the resulting product is pretty amazing. Nataly has a great voice and watching Jack play the drums is a thing of beauty. I'm not sure if it's the elbows or the grin that gets me more.

Why mention this here? Just to point out that the relatively simple, inexpensive approach to producing things applies beyond the world of technology. It works for music, just like it works for tech. Enjoy the video.

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Dick Field said...

Okay, I'll admit I'm old school and can't stand a lot of indie stuff. Yes, it may be a generational thing . . . but I actually think it's more of what I see as monotonous composition a a lack of musicality. But - de gustibus non est disputandum . . . or something like that, that means, "There's no discussing taste". Having said that, I like all kinds of popular music, from many genres spanning many eras. When it comes to "Rock" era stuff, I tend toward the more raw edge and rhythmic, rather than over-produced. --But, I like a lot of pop stuff, too. Main tests for vocal stuff: does it have a beat and and a well-executed tune. This meets both tests. Therefore, I LIKE IT! The fact that it employs modern, apartment-scale technology with professional results makes it all the more appealing.