19 April 2010

Free Shipping

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I love publishing my books at Lulu.com and have always been impressed with their quality, speed and low prices. But I have to admit I think their shipping & handling charge is kinda high - it's $3.99 if you order one book.

The shipping charge is one of the reasons I encourage people to download the free PDF version of The Simplicity Cycle. Sure, you can buy the printed hardcopy for just $7.95, but by the time you add in shipping and handling and taxes, it's upwards of $12. And personally, that feels a bit steep to me. I wish there was a lower-price shipping option for people who just want to order one book.

I'm very happy to report that between now and May 1st, there is! Use the coupon code FREEMAIL305 to get free shipping on one book and skip the $3.99 s&h fee. Usually Lulu coupons are good for 10% off, which equals about 80 cents for the Simplicity Cycle. So the $4 savings is a pretty big deal.  If you've already got the eBook version and want a physical copy, this is a great time to get it.

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