13 April 2010

Bad Design - Shuttle Bus

After parking in the endless Row D9, I boarded the shuttle bus which takes parkers to the main terminal. Imagine my surprise when the bus pulled up to the next pickup / drop off point and a cheery voice announced that the doors were about to close... as the doors were opening. Sheesh.

That's right. Every time the bus comes to a stop and the driver opened the door, a recorded voice warned the passengers to watch out, because the doors (which were in the process of opening) were about to close. Once all the passengers were loaded, the doors did indeed close... but this action was not accompanied by any recorded messages.

It wasn't a one-time glitch, either. This happens every time I'm on the bus, with one exception. In one instance, the driver began to close the door, then quickly opened it for one last passenger, then closed it again while a recorded voice was saying something about the terminal we were heading to. But apparently the act of opening the door triggered the "Doors closing" message, so as we were driving down the road (with the doors closed), all the passengers were once again warned to look out, because the (closed) doors were... wait for it... about to close.

The lesson here is that a message (recording, warning light, etc) should correlate with the appropriate action. Run some use cases and tests to make sure you're not warning about things that have already happened or won't happen for several minutes... or worse yet, about the opposite of what is actually happening.

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Shuttle Bus said...

That's a weird bus! Well,that at least you reached your stop in 1 peace. Good thing shuttle bus to LAX airport has none of that weirdo-ness. Thanks for sharing! More power to you!