19 November 2009

On Vacation

And now, a brief commercial message and a peak behind the scenes of the Rogue Project Leader blog.

For those who don't know, in addition to this blog, I write childrens books. I started writing them as Christmas presents for my own two munchkins, but they are available at Amazon and RoguePress if you're interested.

This year's book is Skyler and the Shadows on the Sun. It's a cool little fantasy adventure, and it's been eating up a fair amount of time lately. I just finished it (whew!) and am now waiting to receive my final "author's review copy" before making it available for purchase.

I mention this because, while I have lots of ideas for upcoming blog posts, I'm a little short on words for the next few days. And I'm planning to take next week off because of Thanksgiving. So I'm hoping to post something here again by 30 Nov. In the interim, maybe you could peruse some previous posts.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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