09 November 2009

Defense AT&L Posted!

The latest issue of everyone's favorite defense technology magazine, Defense AT&L, is now available online for your reading pleasure. My contribution to this issue is titled There Are No Facts About The Future, a fun little piece full of pseudo-faux math and tongue-in-cheek pretend science... but very real ideas and suggestions about how to do this crazy little thing called program management (and there's some real data in there too, just to mix things up a bit).

You might also want to check out Let's Fix It, by Scott Reynolds. A man after my own heart, Prof Reynolds doesn't pull any punches.

As an added bonus, DAU changed the magazine's URL - not just for this issue, but for the whole archive! So, if you've got any old bookmarks or links, you'll get a 404 page-not-found message. But Google has apparently caught up with the change, which is cool and impressive.

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