01 October 2009

Project Update

I seem to have more projects than usual in various stages of not done. I think it has something to do with autumn. Fall always strikes me as a time of new beginnings, a time of renewed intellectual activity and productivity.

So, in my stack of current works-in-progress, there's my latest children's novel, the cover design for said novel, the outline for next year's novel, a handful of articles (not just for Defense AT&L), a white paper on "how to implement FIST across the Air Force," a grown-up novel (!) about a guy who accidentally deletes the internet, and the third installment of the FIST comic series.

I was on leave last week while my wife was in TN for a conference, but I didn't get as much done while the kids were at school as I'd hoped to. I'll probably have to go away on a trip of my own to really make a dent on the stack.

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Craig Brown said...

Start at the top and work down. It'll save time.