22 October 2009

It's a Small World After All...

In the summer of 1992, when I was still a cadet, I used to go running with an Army Captain whose in-laws live across the street from my parents. We've sort of kept in touch over the years, mostly by bumping into each other each Christmas as we're unloading our respective cars.

When I was stationed in Rome NY, he was at Ft. Drum (also NY), and he brought me up to visit and shoot some artillery (I even got to keep the shell!)

Anyway, I ran into him in the Pentagon today... 17 years after those training runs. He's a Colonel now, and we discussed our various jobs. He mentioned that he's working on acquisitions, which is my specialty. I mentioned that I have this FIST concept I've been working on for a while, and we talked about that a little. I happened to have a print out of a draft of an article I've been working on, and I gave it to him.

It turns out he now works for the Army 3-star general I quoted in the intro to the article. He said it sounds like the kind of thing this general would be interested in. So... he's going to take a closer look and I might get a chance to pitch FIST to the Army acquisition guys.

Little did we know 17 years ago what seeds were being planted, and what future doors were being opened.


Mark said...


The Dan Ward said...

It gets even crazier. I ran into his brother-in-law, an AF O-6, at Bolling AFB today.

He was in the line behind me at the BX food court.

Apparently, I should eat lunch out of the office more often. Who knows who else I might run into.

jimbaker said...

I enjoy reading the blog. As a former Project Officer in Systems Command(ABRES)years ago, I am trying to get a picture of what takes place in todays "acquisition" environment.

Dick Field said...

HOOAH! Go get 'em, Dan! I figure the conditions are auspicious and you are well positioned to make some headway.

Rock on, Rogue Man!

Dick Field said...

. . . would that 3-star happen to be Lt. Gen. Michael Vane, perchance?