03 September 2009

FIST Video!

Yesterday's post was the short version of the FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny) approach to system development.

Today, I've got a short post with a link to a long video. Yes, this is the much anticipated Rogue-a-palooza aka Rogue Fest 2009 aka the briefing that Gabe and I did at the Defense Acquisition University back in July.

I confess I haven't actually watched the whole thing yet, but my mom and dad did and they said I did real good. They also said the video includes the Q&A at the end of the presentaiton - I wasn't sure if that part would be included, but it was. That's cool.

So, if you've got an hour or so to kill, and you want to see me and Gabe jump around like monkeys and tell stories about why FIST is so good, click the link.


RhetTbull said...

Windows only video format... I should have expected that. We wouldn't want the government to use something that all citizens could view, would we? You know, like YouTube, Vimeo, and any of the other standard video services on the web use?

Dick Field said...

In fact, it is not even viewable from my workstation in its present format. It launches, but in a psychedelic, "posterized" form. You guys look otherworldly, man!

Will catch it at home - where all the software is current and the security is mellow.

The Dan Ward said...

^waves fist at the sky^

Curse you, non-compatible video formats! A pox on security, bandwidth and processor limitations that make me look like a concert poster from the 60's (actually, that might be kinda cool).


Sorry about the format & stuff, gents. Hopefully your persistence will pay off and you'll be able to see the FIST show in all its low-def glory...

Dick Field said...

Caught it last night, Dan - at home. Suggest you "Launch the video standalone" in order to be able to start, pause, slide forward/back, etc. It's about 75 minutes and you can use those options!