01 September 2009

CogBlog Homerun

Check out this (rather lengthy) post over at the CogBlog. It's an insightful look at the saying-doing gap in defense acquisitions, primarily focused on the IT side of things. A few nuggets to whet your appetite:

DoD acquisition regulations do not actually mandate stupidity … they just encourage it.

...the Joint Capability Integration Development System, or “JCIDS“, mandates a change from “system-based” to “capability-based” requirements... However formal OPTEST evaluates systems, not enterprise capability.

What is the gap between the capability provided by Travelocity vs.
Defense Travel System? [Dan here - holy cow DTS is a pain to use!]

We need pre-approved catalog offerings available on GSA schedules and IDIQ vehicles. We need “dating services” to put consumers with like requirements in touch with each other and expert providers. We need “consumer reports”... to provide basis of objective, convenient comparison.

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