04 August 2009

FIST Presentation

Gabe and I recently had an opportunity to do our FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny) presentation for the Defense Acquisition University. It was a fun time and a great audience. They even let us take home some of the cool posters they made to advertise the show.

The more time I spend in DC, the more convinced I am that this message needs to get out there. There is such an infatuation with complexity among military technologists, and there's a widespread belief that things would be better if we just had more money, more time, and bigger teams. And don't get me started on the preference for formal processes, control and mandatory activities.

While the FIST ideas generally get a good reception and seem to resonate with our audiences, I'm coming to see exactly how counter-cultural these ideas are. We've got quite a fight ahead of us if we're going to try to get wider acceptance of the FIST approach. Wish us luck!


Mark said...

Did I mention I love the phrase "infatuation with complexity"?


Dick Field said...

Now, THIS is exciting. I remember incorporating some references to your stuff in DAU class presentations a couple of years ago. Now you are inside the wire and overrunning their position (forgive the Army guy metaphors). Rock on!

The Dan Ward said...

Hey, thanks Mark!

@Dick - exciting indeed! We'll see if it gets off the ground, eh?