23 September 2011


In a public restroom of some restaurant or other, I came across this sign.

I waited and waited, but no staff showed up to wash my hands for me. Eventually I got tired of waiting and washed my own dang hands.

I don't care what the policy is or what the sign says, it's just one of those things I can do all by my self.

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Anonymous said...

The ambiguity of this sign, and your humorous but perfectly logical alternate interpretation, highlights a lighthearted example of the same kind of ambiguous phrases used everyday in the Pentagon and found throughout DoD. The practice of shortening sentences often goes too far and leads to confusion and problems. While it may be excusable on a sign such as this, it's far too common in places where it really matters who the subject of the sentence is, what the verb is, and who/what the object of the action is.