10 June 2010


I was a guest speaker at three different courses over the past three days - each time, talking about the FIST approach to system development and acquisitions. It was an exciting, exhausting experience, and I look forward to continuing the conversation with the students (& professors).

Each class had its own unique flavor - one was almost raucous, asking questions in the middle of the presentation and laughing at all the right places. Another was quiet and reserved, but still full of thoughtful, penetrating questions and observations from the students. I don't know if the difference was the result of the time of day, the professors or the students themselves... or some combination of all three.

At any rate, it was great to have a chance to spend so much time in such different classrooms. I loved it and wish I could have weeks like this more often!

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Gabe said...

Sounds like a great opportunity. I hope there are some fantastic stories that came out of it (maybe a few that could be posted).