25 March 2010

FIST (near)Space Imaging

You may recall hearing the reports of the two MIT students who built a contraption that rose 17 miles above the earth and took photos from a near-space environment... and did so for less than $150.

Well, they've posted a pretty good description of how they did it, for those of you with the inclination, $150 and time to build your own.

One of these days, I totally want to do this!

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Glen B. Alleman said...

This whole micro-sat industry is taking off. On our floor we have Surrey Satellites from the UK. Several micro-sat guys in Boulder and of course the aerospace engineering students at CU Boulder.

In New Mexico is Branson's Space Port, still in the planning stage, but with a good chance of coming to a reality.

Of course there is Orbital and several other alternatives. Space Com is coming up in the Springs April, so it'll be interesting to see how many alternative launch and micro-sat firms are exhibiting.