01 December 2009

Rebooting (slowly)

I'm back!

Had a great time at Disney over Thanksgiving - but instead of getting home at a civilized 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, we pulled into the driveway at 1am Sunday night / Monday morning. Why you ask? Because of a compressor that decided to let all its smoke out (and every engineer knows that computers, cars and other devices run on smoke, so it's important to keep the smoke inside. If the smoke gets out of the computer/car/space telescope, it stops working... and it's very hard to put the smoke back in).

So... less time + more exhaustion = a lack of posts for my friends here at RPL.

But I'm working on it, don't worry. More Rogueishness coming up soon (and for the record, I was using the word Rogue way before Gov. Palin picked it for her book).

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